2018 Fall Conference/Research Funding

  • August 9th, 2018

Note: The Graduate Student Association no longer provides research and travel funding for graduate students. 

The Graduate School provides supplemental funding for graduate student research projects and travel to present research results at conferences. Departments may submit as many nominations as they deem appropriate, provided that each nomination be matched at least 1:1 with non-Graduate School funds.

Requests should be submitted online to the Graduate School. Conference Awards are reserved for graduate students who have been accepted to present personally their own research (or creative activity) at a national or international meeting of their discipline’s major academic/professional organization. For Research Awards, priority will be given to thesis, pre-dissertation, and dissertation research. Requests for Workshops will be treated as Research Awards.

Requests for awards should be initiated by the student’s faculty adviser and endorsed and submitted electronically by the department chair to the Graduate School. The request must include a budget, information about cost sharing, and, if travel is involved, a confirmation that the student will be personally presenting his or her own work.

Applications for funding are to be submitted prior to the conference or research activity. Application deadlines are AUGUST 31 for Fall proposals, January 31 for Spring proposals, and April 30 for Summer proposals. Although every attempt should be made by departments to include all research and travel proposals, we recognize that last-minute research opportunities present themselves and that student plans may not be complete by these deadlines. The Graduate School will gladly consider additional requests throughout the year, pending the availability of funding. After the three major deadlines, requests will be reviewed at the end of each month.

Please see the Graduate Catalog financial assistance page for additional opportunities.

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